Bulletonastring is the moniker of Bec Dennison – an illustrator, muralist and artist based in London.

Originally obsessed with a black colour palette and an aim to get into tattooing, her creative focus expanded and evolved rapidly after moving from Melbourne, Australia. She now divides her time between mural based work and illustration, both digital and traditional. Whilst her love of black ink and strong line work is still obvious, her work has expanded to embrace colour.

Bec’s art contains a dark, dream-like quality that is rooted in the rawness of our inner worlds and what it is to be human – our dreams, vulnerabilities, fears, emotions and memories.

Influenced by surrealism, psychology, music, pop culture and technology, Bec’s work employs exaggerated light and shadows, layers, texture, reoccurring symbols, and indecipherable text to create a visual language that places clues to encourage thought and reflection but leaves the viewer free to make their own interpretation.

A hands on approach and challenge are key qualities Bec looks for when undertaking new work. She balances personal artwork with client based projects – using learnings from commercial briefs and self initiated works to feed into each other, pushing beyond familiar mediums and scale to continually evolve her practice.