Single Homeless Project - St. John's Service

This was a brilliant project to work on made all the more enjoyable by getting to know the lovely management team and meeting some of the young people at the St.John’s service in Greenwich.

The brief for this mural was to create an image that was relaxing and therapeutic whilst also appealing to the energy and diversity of the young people at the service. It needed to communicate optimism and new beginnings coupled with calm, dreamy vibes. Something that would inspire and uplift in a communal space used by the young people who resided there for both workshops and downtime.

To get it right we spent a lot of time and care researching, exploring ideas and concepting, bouncing ideas around and communicating together. Management and I held an informal session with the young people to get them involved, hear their thoughts and chat through what ‘relaxing’ meant to them, brainstorming scenarios, words, activities and thinking about how this could be put together and represented.