Award-winning Employer Communications Specialist, CA3, felt their new office space could use a dose of their team personality.

They’re a lovely bunch who were open to ideas so I created a little questionnaire to find out who they were.

The idea was to tailor the artwork to their personality, incorporate little pops of green (their brand colour), hide a few ‘in’ jokes within it and keep them inspired during busy days without looking out of place when clients visited.

There wasn’t too much dirt dished, but what I can say is…
• They have a massive love for 80s films
• Can never agree on the music (80s being the least favourite genre)
• They are proud of their shiny awards (they have a lot of them) because they really do pull out all the stops as a team to make that great idea happen for their clients
• They have great banter together which continues as ‘motivational banter’ when the pressure is on
• NOTHING gets done before tea and biscuit o’clock (which happens about three times a day)

Oh and Tim was voted the one with the worst taste in music. Sorry Tim.