Making the invisible unmissable #the22000

“22,000 young people face homelessness this Christmas in England”

CentrePoint study as featured in The Guardian, 2019

Centrepoint took to the streets at the end of 2019 with a campaign to raise awareness of #the22000 young people who faced homelessness over the Christmas period.

“In a parallel world, it could be any one of us experiencing homelessness. Yet it’s all too easy to ignore or overlook”


Using life-sized silhouettes of human figures containing real stories from young people who had experienced homelessness firsthand, they represented the 22,000 people living a parallel life experiencing homelessness.

I was part of a team of 6 artists who each painted a large scale mural, incorporating one of the silhouettes, in high footfall areas around London over a period of 3 days at the end of November, to bring the message to public attention.

Painting publicly is not something do often (bit of an introvert) but I got involved because I admire the work Centrepoint does and have seen firsthand how the kind of support and resources accessible through such organisations can pull a young person back from the brink.

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Photographs © Robbie The Robot